Right drug for right patient

Drug effectiveness varies a lot from patient to patient and there is no straight-forward way to find out the right drug to treat a disease in a patient.

Solution, a next-gen biotech company, develops computational genomic methods that can help doctors decide the right drug/therapy for their patients. For example, in a recent study, our method successfully predicted effectiveness of target therapy in breast cancer patients. We strive to create life-changing therapeutics for diseases not systematically addressed in the treatment today.


Our method works effectively in identifying the right drug/therapy for a patient, and relevant studies have been published in reputed scientific journals.


We are a team of biomedical scientists with extensive experience of investigating molecular mechanisms of various diseases. Our work has been published in several reputed peer-reviewed scientific journals. Our mission is to develop computational pharmacogenomic solutions that can help doctors find the most effective treatment for patients.


Rajesh Chowdhary, PhD

Cofounder & CEO

Jinfeng Zhang, PhD

Cofounder & CSO

Our Research

- More than 75 scientific publications related to biomedical and disease research

- Unique methodology

- Three approved and pending patents

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For Physicians: Our method can help you find the best and most effective treatment options for your patient.

For Biomedical/Biopharma Researchers: We have successfully collaborated with several biomedical research organizations in the past. We can provide bioinformatics, machine learning solutions to you that can assist you in your drug-related research.

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